Audio Demos

Now we come to the most important part: How does it sound? Well here are a few audio demos to show the different characteristics

and features of the modules! All audio demos are coded in the ogg vorbis format for the most uncompromised audio quality.


The first question for a vcf is always how does the sweep sound? There we go!



Slow Cutoff sweeps of the Filterfett with different input levels.

Two Moon Modular VCOs with pulse, one octave apart were the source signal.


During the sweeps the resonance is altered and starts in the 24dB/Oct mode.

When the sweep starts with dry resonance the second time the filter is switched to 36dB/Oct.


VCF with decent input level

VCF with input level just before saturation starts

VCF with input level in saturation range

VCF with input level hard in saturation

Linear FM / Audio Out Self FM

Now let's show the more unusual features / sound qualities of the Filterfett. Audio Out Self FM with the prepatched [Kaputt] knob.  The audio output is patched to the linear filter fm input. Just fiddling around with just one VCO as the input source, changing Cutoff, Resonance and different settings of the [Kaputt] / Audio Self FM! Crazy shit have fun!!

Linear FM patched to VCF Audio Out


[Überschall] / positive Filter Feedback

You liked the crazy shit and want some more? Sure here we go, let's show a little bit of the positive audio feedback. VCF Audio out ist patched to Audio In 3 (labeled as [Überschall]). It's like the well known Minimoog trick. Give me more distortion, overtones and crazy sounds!  Two VCOs as input source tuned a fith apart to show best the distortion character with positive filter feedback. Check the loundess of your speakers! At the beginning no positiv filterfeedback, later fiddling arround with settings [Überschall], Cutoff and Resonance. When I turn [Überschall] it gets loud!!!! So please turn down the volume before.  Enjoy the madness!

Positive Filter Feedback


Sweetspot of Filterfett

Can it sound sweet and pure analog? Yes of course it can, with a deep deep lowend! Thats we all love about analog right? Here is a short musical demo of the

Filterfett. Everything but the beat is made with two Moon Modular VCOs, the Klangfeld Filterfett VCF, the Klangfeld Pegelstärke VCA and two Moon Modular Envelopes. All sounds are recorded and multitracked in Cubase with a taste of Delay an Reverb. It was no EQ or Compressor used. The deep low end of the bass sounds is just because of the special VCF design! Now enough talk, enjoy the small piece.

Melodic Filterfett multitracked demo

Want to hear the sweet style with a sequencer line alone? Pure analog sweetness. Just a little bit of delay, two VCOs, fiddling arround with VCF on Cutoff & Resonance and ready is your hypnotic soundscape. Dream on!

Melodic solo sequencer line











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