Five-in-One highend dual VCA/Ringmod/Panner/Crossfader/Distortion module

Discrete highend ultra lownoise and low distortion multi-purpose dual VCA. Pegelstärke is translated to sound level / sound force.


This Moog 5U size module is a highend and transparent wide range dual VCA, a highend dual balanced Ringmodulator, a stereo panner, a dual output crossfader or anything in between. It's your choice what you want to do with it. And don't forget two faaat distortion modes per VCA/Panner/RM-Channel are possible! Think creative beyond the borders. This module gives you new ways of soundshaping. All together is featured with an unchallenged sonic quality.

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Pegelstärke Front

Pegelstärke PCB

Functional block diagram of the Pegelstärke module

Pegelstärke Power Supply:

  • +15V  @ max. 160mA
  •  -15V  @ max. 145mA

Pegelstärke Features:

  • State of the art analog design, a perfect blend between discrete transistor circuits and modern electronic
  • & MOTM power connectors
  • Highend long lasting electronic parts
  • High quality potentiometer and switchcraft jacks
  • symmetric balanced studio level output of the VCA output
  • Linear and Exponential Gain Control in VCA-Mode at the same time!
  • Multipurpose module: Use ist as VCA, Crossfader, Stereo Panner, Ringmodulator, Sidechaining device and many more.
  • Ultra low distortion in clean mode, < 0.01% THD
  • The Linear Gain and the Exponential Gain Levels are internal multiplied for maximal musical control and possibilities.
  • Use it like two VCAs, e.g. velocity controls the Exponential Gain and the envelope controls at the same time the Linear Gain. Ready is the dynamic playable sound!
  • Two distortion modes for the two Audio Channels, classic (well known OTA response) and soft (smooth and soft JFET response). Shape your sound, transparent, crunchy, cripsy or ultra fat!
  • Ultra low noise design for highend studio quality especially for use with external audio signals
  • convient extra functions for maximal possibilites:

    • two built in mixers for Linear Gain Control an Exponential Gain Control
  • Perfect temperature stable in every parameter over a wide range
  • Capacitor-free audio path for maximum clarity and best  ultra-deep bass response
  • Circuit optimized for modulation in the audio frequency range of all voltage controllable parameters

Price 999€

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